Donald Trump wants Theresa May to fail

There is a first time for everything, including a US president trying to unseat a British prime minister. Three times now — twice this week, and once on his visit to the UK in July — Donald Trump has dismissed Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

A fortnight before Britain’s parliament votes on the divorce deal, Mr Trump has handed the equivalent of a loaded gun to Mrs May’s enemies. So far, none of the hardline Brexiters has been able to pull the trigger. Should Mrs May lose, however, no one would be quicker than Mr Trump to crow on Twitter. He would surely have told her so.

To make it worse, Mr Trump’s diagnosis is at least half right. This week he said Mrs May’s deal meant Britain could not strike a trade bargain with the US — a golden prize promised by the Leave campaign. Barack Obama warned of just this when he spoke in favour of a Remain vote a few weeks before the 2016 vote.

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