theresa may says no to a new referendum

In the United Kingdom we are talking about a second referendum to get Brexit out of the impasse, but May says no.

The British premier Theresa May will reiterate today in Parliament her No to a new referendum on Brexit, because so “we would betray the British citizens“.

The BBC wrote it, anticipating the speech that May will hold in the Municipalities, where he will report on his talks with EU leaders.

Former prime ministers John Major and Tony Blair are among those calling for a new consultation if Parliament fails to find a way to proceed. But according to May, a new vote “would do irreparable damage to the integrity of our political life” and “would not lead us to anything”.

Last week, the premier annulled a vote to the municipalities on the agreement she had reached with the EU, faced with the certainty of his rejection. But for Blair, who said he admired May’s determination to push the deal, but after 30 months of negotiations, with the government “in chaos”, giving the word back to the people would be “logical” if all the other options fail.



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