Theresa may postponed vote

Theresa May postponed the Brexit vote in January 2019. Chaos in London

The Brexit vote has been postponed.

The decision was made official by Theresa May yesterday that has raised a new wave of protests. First of all, that of the Laborers who led Jeremy Corbyn with a new motion of no confidence against the British prime minister.
Immediate response from the direct interested party who accused his opponent of wanting to provoke a national crisis.

Brexit vote postponed: the next steps

On Monday, January 7th the debate will start, which will open the doors to the Brexit vote from January 14th.

In short, there will be no news before the end of the year. The text will not pass into Parliament and will be analyzed only with the arrival of 2019. The January 14th will be the last week to guarantee the UK and the European Union a divorce agreement which, according to the timetable, will have to arrive no later than January 21st.

From that moment, London will have enough time to adapt what has been decided and to prepare for a no deal. With reference to this scenario, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond confirmed the allocation of an additional £ 2 billion (to be added to the € 4.2 billion already granted from June 2016 to date).

It is not clear at the moment whether the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will happen with or without agreement or if there is even a new referendum. What is certain, to date, is that regardless of the methods, discussions and differences of opinion, the Brexit will become effective March 29 2019.


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