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The government’s new Brexit secretary, Stephen Barclay, made a disastrous bumble when he figured out how to get the date of the UK leaving the EU off-base.

Stephen Barclay, who was parachuted into the activity a month ago after the abdication of Dominic Raab, said on Monday that the UK is leaving the EU on March 31 one year from now, as opposed to the genuine date of March 29.

Mr Barclay made the indiscretion in the Commons as he addressed inquiries from the Exiting the European Union Committee on the UK’s future exchanging relations with Brussels.

Mr Barclay stated: “It is the legitimate procedure in Europe that a changeless relationship, a perpetual exchange course of action, can’t be come to until the point when we have cleared out.

“What’s more, I am focused on guaranteeing, and the Prime Minister is focused on guaranteeing, that we do convey on that – we do leave the EU on March 31.

“Also, by that point we are then in a situation to have the capacity to concur an exchange assention. Be that as it may, we can’t do that before we have cleared out.”

Mr Barclay figured out how to get his dates right when he asked MPs to back the administration’s Brexit bargain in a crunch Commons vote one week from now.

Inquired as to whether the vote would be dropped even with across the board restriction, Mr Barclay stated: “No, I figure the vote will occur on Tuesday.”

Executive Theresa May cautioned Mr Barclay, when he was delegated a month ago, that she would be accountable for arrangements.


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