Every single day we can read negative news about the brexit. The brexit is coming and as we know 50% of the country thinks that its gonna be great and the other 50% is more convinced that we are getting in deep mud.

Neither party has the absolute truth within himself however it is pretty clear that London and Canary Wharf are not waiting to find out what is gonna happen.

Every single day a new and great skyscraper is built in the city and it looks like that London is getting more ready for an invasion of workforce instead of seeing their beloved european fellas to leave the country for good.

The motto here is more let’s act quickly instead of wasting time and wait for the politicians.

This is Why Canary Wharf it’s expanding its territory with new areas such as the Leamouth peninsula and the Wood Wharf area.

With over 100,000 daily workers hitting One canada square area, it is easy to understand why there is the need of build new skyscrapers that can accommodate the white collars coming here everyday.

Also the idea of bringing a younger crowd of startupers and unicorns will give a new face to the area and bring more business.

Of course there are already some casualties due to the brexit  and the old banking corporations will suffer for few years. but lets hope that the young generations will be able to cancel something old as brexit.


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