Theresa May is set for another tough day in the Commons. Credit: PA

The Attorney General’s Brexit legal advice has been distributed in full after the Government’s annihilation in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

It cautions the United Kingdom could be left in “extended and rehashed rounds of arrangements” over the Irish stopping board.

It is probably going to be seized upon by Tory pundits of Theresa May’s arrangement, who contend that the terms of a barrier intended to keep the Irish fringe open will deny the UK the ability to pull back from a traditions association without assention from Brussels.

Mr Cox found that the convention setting out the terms of the screen “does not accommodate an instrument that is probably going to empower the UK legally to leave the expansive traditions association without a consequent understanding”.

What’s more, he said that – in spite of affirmations from both London and Brussels that it is proposed to be brief – the convention would “persist inconclusively” under worldwide law until the point that another assention has its spot.

Ian Blackford during PMQs. Credit: PA

His recommendation cautioned: “without a privilege of end, there is a lawful hazard that the United Kingdom may end up subject to extended and rehashing rounds of arrangements.

“This hazard must be weighed against the political and financial basic on the two sides to achieve an assention that comprises a politically steady and changeless reason for their future relationship.

“This is a political choice for the Government.”

The letter, dated November 13, rose only minutes previously Theresa May confronted MPs in a week by week session of Prime Minister’s Questions in front of the second day of a five-day Commons banter on her arrangement.

Read the legal advice

According to shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer, the legal advice reveals “central weaknesses in the Government’s deal”.

Writing on Twitter, Sir Keir said: “Having reviewed the Attorney General’s legal advice, it’s obvious why this needed to be placed in the public domain.


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